Why you should not use free web hosting

Posted: Sunday March 4th

When looking for free or paid web hosting provider, you need to base your decision on the nature of your site. Paid web hosting is a must for some sites since it offers more space and many necessary features. Free web hosting is usually advertisement supported and has limited functionality. Both will host your site, but you need to choose which option is the best fit for you. Do you really want “Free Web Hosting”? If you have been designing or developing web pages for awhile chances are you are starting to consider moving to a paid host if you haven’t already made this wise decision. Free web hosts are free, but chances are they have left you frustrated. Some of the frustrations you can expect to experience from a free host, is:

Domain Name? “yourfreewebhost.com/blah/blahblah/yoursite/”
Does the URL above sound like something you would remember? Free web hosts require you to use a sub domain or give you a folder, somewhere on their server. Sub domains and folders are not meant for landing pages and are often much harder to remember. Paid web hosts allow you to use your own domain names and often times include it with their service offerings.

Banner Ads, Pop-up Ads, and Ads in your Dreams! Many free hosts rely solely on ads to make money. Your site may have many unwanted ads on each of your pages. These ads can reduce how well your page is perceived and often prevent visitors from returning to your website! More Downtime than Uptime? Many free hosts have a lot of downtime. Their subscribers are not paying for service so many hosts do not feel obligated when it comes to dependability. Keep in mind, these hosts are running on a tight budget so they have to cut costs and many times this is with their support staff. If there are dissatisfied users, the web host is rarely bothered by that fact. Remember the old saying, beggars can’t be choosers? The World of Limitations, Where to Begin? Disk space, data transfer, speed, file types, ect… Basically, in order to stay profitable, the free web host is hoping you use extremely minimal system resources and still get a reasonable amount of traffic to support their ad revenue. Most everything is extremely limited. What happens if you exceed what they expect? You will be halted or your site will be taken offline without notice if they choose.

Customer Support? Anyone There? If you experience problems with you web hosting you will most likely have to rely on the FAQs and Questions/Answers page. Most free web hosting sites do not have the money to hire customer support teams to answer live questions or emails. Once again, if they do offer this service, they normally could care less about resolving your issue or your satisfaction.

Zero Advertising Revenue. There is only room for a one advertiser with a free provider and it’s not you! If you are looking to sell advertisement on your webpage, free web hosting is the way to go. Many free hosts do not allow you to sell advertising on your webpage.

Web Hosting Reality. Paid web hosting has become so incredibly low priced that it is amazing free web hosting companies still exist. Face it, free items are normally too good to be true. Save yourself from the frustrations and limitations that included with free hosting and try a paid host. Most include trials and even free domain name registration…

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