Online Marketing – An Introduction

Posted: Thursday October 20th

Getting a website up and running is only part of the battle when it comes to making a success in the harsh world of online business. Regardless of how good your site is and how much content it contains, you’re still going to need to do a lot of online marketing to truly reach the masses. Forget what you’ve heard from companies and individuals making wild promises about great riches overnight. The only real online marketing strategies are those which take time, patience and dedication.

Internet marketing comprises a broad mix of types, but your objectives are straightforward enough. To make a success in the online world, you need to be able to successfully get your message across to the masses, do your research carefully and provide something of value to your visitors and customers. It won’t be particularly easy and it will take a good deal of time before you have a satisfactory number of visitors to your website.

The most significant type of online marketing is setting up the website itself. Your site will need to provide something of value to your visitors. For traditional businesses, an online marketing component in the form of an official corporate website is essential for helping you reach a far wider audience. There are very few businesses that cannot benefit from having an online presence.

When you are having your website built, it should also be search engine-friendly. One of the most important elements of online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). This involves using relevant keywords and phrases in your content. This helps to more effectively categorize your website in the search engine indexes. When you consider how many people visit a website straight from a Google link, you’ll quickly realise just how important this is.

Email marketing is another important element of successful online marketing. This is the case for both traditional and online businesses. While email marketing is grossly overused by some companies, using it correctly provides the highest return on investment of any form of advertising. Ethical and successful email marketing should always be permission-based. Sending unsolicited emails will quickly get your company’s contacts in the blacklists and emails sent out will end up straight in the spam folders.

Article marketing is another important element of online marketing. Article marketing takes a lot of time, since you need to have hundreds of articles circulating the web for it to truly make a difference. There are many companies which specialize in providing content containing keywords and links to your website and then posting them to online article directories. While this can be expensive, it helps to expand your online presence and ultimately increase the number of hits on your main website. Similar to article marketing is posting online press releases providing introductions to your company, brand or product.

One of the most important forms of online marketing these days is social media marketing. This refers to using popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to market your website. Social bookmarking is the most important aspect of social media marketing. Having social bookmarking buttons on every page of your website allows viewers to share content with just a couple of clicks on their favorite social bookmarking website. With social networking growing all the time, this is perhaps the most effective form of online marketing of all.

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