How to Reach the First Page on Google Search

Posted: Friday December 2nd

Creating a great website is half the battle; the other half is to get it noticed on the web. The favorite method which has been used by many Internet Marketers for the past decade is to rank their online property on Google Search. That number one spot or even the first page can make a great difference when it comes to attracting visitors to your page, but how can one achieve these ranking?

The Google Algorithm is a very complex tool which is constantly being tweaked to allow only the most relevant results on top of its pages. This algorithm is not revealed to the public, nor does it discriminate between individuals when it comes to online content, which means that anyone in the world has an equal chance of getting their site on the first page. It is however important to understand that this process takes time and that nothing will happen if enough effort isn’t put into ranking your site.

The first thing a successful webmaster must know when it comes to ranking websites is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This acronym will be thrown at you very often if you decide to venture in this field, but what is it exactly? Some Internet Gurus market it as “voodoo” or magic they perform on their sites in order for them to rank on the first page. Search Engine Optimization is actually very simple, it is the action of providing your website with the best possible tools to succeed on the web. SEO is broken down into two major branches: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It is crucial to have optimal on-page SEO before moving on; this article will therefore only cover the best practices when it comes to your own web pages.

The first rule when it comes to internet marketing is to have unique content and this is absolutely crucial; Google will quickly notice the page that has been copied from a different source and the page in question will disappear from Google in a second. Unique content is not the only thing required by Google, it will also eliminate all pages which try and cheat their way to the top. Make sure to stay away from shady methods you encounter all over the web and take no easy shortcuts! Once a topic has been selected, it is important to check the Google Keyword Tool and pick the right keyword for each page. If you are just beginning in this field, it is important to set realistic goals and pick a low competition keyword which will be indicated in the Google Keyword Tool. With your keyword in hand you can start writing a five hundred to seven hundred word article or page; make sure to include the chosen keyword at least ten times. Your article will also need a catchy title containing the keyword you chose. It is also crucial to write the proper description of your page ensuring the keyword you chose is mentioned at least twice.

There are a lot of discussions and debates on the web which claim the keyword has to be included ten or twenty times, once or twice in the title, at the beginning or the end of your article, but you need to understand those are simply speculations. Not a single person in this world knows the exact answer to getting a page to the first rank, but you have just been given the tool with which you can experiment and see what works best for you!

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